We Were at EuroShop Düsseldorf!

This year Lumsden had the chance to go to EuroShop in Düsseldorf for a refreshing dose of inspiration!

After running through the endless aisles of Messe Düsseldorf, we have put together our selection of the best products we saw during our 24 hours in Düsseldorf.

Here are our 7 favourite product discoveries:


For baby pink, turquoise blue, or intense green hangers and POS accessories we found Hooks, a Netherlands based company. The cone collection offers an exciting range of kaleidoscopic colours to bring life into any display.


For movement within visual merchandising, Kinetic-lights can provide a hanging motorised system with powered fitting on a simple hook. This minimal system is able to hold any kind of elements such as product or lighting to create a visually stimulating window display.


Gold striped or leopard patterned mannequin? Atrezzo is a Spain-based company who offers original mannequin finishes and styles ranging from geometric forms in the shape of their Planus collection to the wonderful range of delicate poses offered in the It Girl collection. Worth a look on their website.


For a discreet light track: Prolicht, an Austrian based lighting company. Among a large range of light fittings, the “Magiq recessed” LED spot light caught our eyes. With a very shallow recess track, it is designed to receive either accent spot-light or wall-washer spot. Discrete and flexible.


We all know the problems with illuminated glass shelves: power feeds running through the middle of the shelf. Problem solved, Shop-System has resolved this issue by rethinking the design with power feeds now running on the sides and concealed by the edges of the glass. Clever and invisible.


We also came across Listone Giordano, Italy-based flooring company. One of the nicest products on display was the “Biscuit” parquet designed in collaboration with designer Patricia Urquiola. Intricately designed joins allow a wide layout variety for a soft and refined look.


For a smart product, SmartPixels, a France based start-up, projects content onto a blank product resulting in a stunning effect straight away. Allowing a new form of digital to enhance the store’s reality and allowing customers to engage with the stores in a refreshing and exciting way. Check out the beautiful collaboration they did with Nike ID.

This is a quick overview of the event highlights. Forgive me for not mentioning the last machine…weighing, wrapping and labelling beef steak.

We want to thank Umdasch for the kind invitation to this year’s Euroshop 2017 and Shop-System and Knoblauch for their hospitality and fantastic event #Beatofretail.




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