Designing for a modern art icon



  • Flagship Store
  • Design Store NYC
  • Store on 2


  • Drum Design Award
    MoMA Design Store 2018
  • German Design Award
    MoMA Design Store 2019

Since 2016 we’ve partnered with MoMA to create the retail spaces of the future.

Visionary, iconic, and commercially successful. MoMA is the very best of contemporary and modern design. It runs through everything they put their name to – including their store. Every product on display is selected by the museum’s curators. From cult-designer exclusives to bespoke commissions made by international artisans. Even the tourist-targeted branded merchandise.

Over the course of our collaboration, we’ve created retail spaces that live up to the expectations of design fans, the experience of the museum – and become destinations in their own right. And throughout each project we’ve created and refined the unique retail architecture that’s become synonymous with MoMA.

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Lumsden has an innate understanding of our brand, the uniqueness of our product offering and retail’s role in the museum visitor experience.
Ruth Shapiro
MoMA Director of Sales and Business Development
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Flagship focus

MoMA’s crowning glory: the flagship store. We dramatically remodelled the space – making it an integral feature of the museum lobby and one of the first things visitors see entering the building. The store itself takes up 5,200ft2, just below street level. This allows for a flood of natural light, and space for a dramatic 30-foot, floor-to-ceiling book display. Every detail – right down to the fixtures and accessories – is designed to reflect MoMA’s pared-back aesthetic. Simple, elegant forms, using the materials and colour palette echoed across every MoMA Design Store

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Design to inspire

Our first project with MoMA – Design Store NYC – set the foundations for our partnership: light, clarity and flexibility. By opening up window bays, the space draws light and attention in from the outside. Custom lighting and displays highlight the changing merchandise, alongside a maple panelled feature wall. Combined, it’s a beautiful, functional canvas for hosting the best in art, design and technology.

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Levelling Up

While the flagship store was in development, we created Store on 2. A first for MoMA – this store lives inside the gallery, only accessible to ticketed visitors. To make the new store, we transformed part of the original museum: a former second-floor exhibition room. Drawing in light and views over the sculpture garden, its popularity has exceeded all expectations. The space has evolved from a low-footfall area to a hub for visitors beyond the ticket line. A place for people to pause, unwind and recharge between collections.

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MoMA meets Japan

Japan’s appetite for design-led products, and the MoMA brand, opened up an opportunity for ten new retail spaces across the country. MoMA asked us to create a series of design-sensitive commercial spaces within Loft, one of Japan’s largest department stores. Over three years we created ten sites – from small corner concessions to standalone stores. Each space is designed around the MoMA aesthetic, displaying products beautifully, and guiding the customer flow around the space.